BANJAT Opening Competition Details (10/27 Saturday)



We've got the walls and mats all set up and are continuing to prepare all the other remaining to-dos!

Please come participate in our grand opening competition!


BANJAT Opening Competition

Participation Fee

Participation Fee ¥3500(BBQ Included)

BBQ Only ¥1000


Competition System

Qualifying Round: Open session with successful climbs awarded points based on grade of difficulty.

Based on the number of points you accumulate will determine which climbing tier you will join for the final rounds.


Top 10 Qualifying Round contestants will join the Master Class
Ranks 11-20 will join the Middle Class
Ranks 20 and below will be in the Beginners Class

Each bouldering problem in this round will start with a group observation of the problem.
Individual climbers will then be given a time limit. If the climber is able to climb the problem within the time limit, they awarded a point.

Any ties in the final rounds will be decided by a sudden death problem where each climber will be timed and the person to climb the problem the fastest will be deemed the winner.

Tentative Schedule:



09:00 Registration
10:00 Explanation of the Rules
10:30 Qualifying Round Starts(2 Hours)
12:30 Qualifying Round Finishes 〜 Lunch Break & Totaling of Scores
14:00 Beginner Tier Rounds Start
14:30 Middle Tier Rounds Start
15:00 Master Tier Rounds Start
15:30 All Rounds Finished & Totaling of Scores
16:00 Awards Ceremony
16:30 BBQ
20:00 END


Kids are FREE

Kids under 10 years old can participate for FREE.

※The KIDS wall won't be used during the competition.
※Kids under 10 years old will be allowed to use any foot holds (including those from other problems).
※Parents/Guardians, please spot your children as they climb to ensure their safety and those around them.

Children 11 years or older are to participate under the same rules as all other adults.


Important Points Regarding KIDS Participation

  1. Kids must have their parents'/gaurdian's permission to participate
  2. If your child falls off the wall, regardless of where on the wall, when attempting a climb, they are NOT allowed to restart. They must return to the back of the line and wait for their turn to attempt it again.
  3. Please do not allow your children to wander or otherwise interfere with other competition participants.



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Maximum Number of Participants

This is still under consideration. We will update the site after this has been better established.


Important Points

  1. Since there is limited parking available, if at all possible, please carpool.
  2. Since we are located in a residential area, please keep noise levels down when outside and when returning home.
  3. We cannot be responsible for any lost items or damage to vehicles while parked, so please keep your valuables with you.


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