What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of low height rock climbing where large cushioned mats are used for protection instead of ropes. Bouldering is a featured sport on several TV shows and commercials. Many more people will likely start hearing about bouldering since it has been elected as an official sport of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Using only specialized shoes and anti-slip chalk for your hands, bouldering climbers will ascend walls typically around 3 to 5 meters in height.

Although some people climb natural outdoor boulders (hence the name), gyms like BANJAT use artificially made holds to represent various rock holds.


To prevent injuries from falling, a 30cm padded mat is spread below the entirety of the BANJAT climbing walls.

Mats do NOT prevent all injuries. Please obey all bouldering gym rules and safety practices to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.


Is it ok if I've never climbed before?

BANJAT staff are happy to provide as much instruction and tips as you need. We're here to help! Please don't hesitate to come even if you have never climbed before.

We aim to provide a comfortable climbing environment where you can make friends and meet fellow climbers of various levels of experience. Bouldering can be a very social sport, so even if you come alone, you'll be sure to leave with a few friends.


Isn't it dangerous?

Since climbers will regularly jump or fall from 3 to 4 meters, we can't say its perfectly safe.

That being said, we do have large padded mats under all climbing areas of the gym in order to provide standard bouldering safety precautions.

In order to ensure your own safety, please land with your knees bent and spot your landing in order to avoid possible injury.


Do women boulder?

Yes of course! It is not uncommon to find women climbing problems that many men cannot.

Muscle power is far from the only thing that makes a good climber; flexibility and a good sense of balance are also key elements toward making a good climber.

Rather than just a wall you climb straight up, bouldering problems can be thought of more as a puzzle you have to figure out how to move your body through.


Is it typical to feel sore the day after climbing?

For those who do not exercise regularly, its likely that your whole body will be sore the next day.

Nothing that ample stretching and a warm bath can't solve.

In order to avoid longer lasting muscle soreness and sluggishness the next day, we recommend taking some amino acid supplements and getting plenty of sleep.

It typically takes about 2 months of climbing before your body gets used to it. We recommend climbing about once a week in this first period to ease your body into it.


How much does it cost to start?

A 2-hour visitor pass costs 1,500 円.

Rental shoes and chalk is an additional 450 円.

In total, for 1,950 円 you can try out bouldering.


*Member prices differ from visitor prices.

Pricing details can be found HERE.


Can young children climb?

Yes! BANJAT offers special low pricing for all Elementary kids and younger.

Please watch over your children while they climb, ensuring that they obey the rules while they enjoy their climbing experience.


How much is staff instruction?

All staff instruction is FREE!

Please feel free to ask for as many tips and instructions as you'd like.

We're here to make you feel welcome, so please feel free to come alone or in groups.


What should I bring?

Flexible clothing that you don't mind getting dirty and a pair of thin socks.

You can rent shoes and chalk, so other than that, just bring yourself and you can start climbing.


Do you have showers?

Unlike typical sports gyms, we do not have showers. We appreciate your understanding.


Is climbing a good fat burning exercise?

Climbing can be both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so you'll be sure to burn some calories.

If you climb with a fair level of intensity, many people claim it can burn double what you'd burn on a normal jog.

As long as you climb at least 2 to 3 times a week, and eat healthy, there's no reason to think you won't lose weight from climbing.


Is there a smoking area?

You are free to smoke outside the gym, but please keep your voices down while outside since we are located very near to residential areas and do not want to be a bother.


Do you have parking?

Yes, we have about 20 parking spaces available.

Especially for competitions or otherwise busy periods we encourage you to carpool.



Where's BANJAT come from?

Its a mix of the Indonesian word panjat, meaning to climb, along with the Okinawan word Banta (Cliff). The B in BANJAT can also stand for bouldering.

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